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Shout out - wednesday Sweetest Taste Of SinThis is a page to let your sexy side out. Confess your kinky sins and have fun. No bashing or reporting. If you do you will be banned. 18 +
Okay, please comment on this if it shows up in your newsfeed. Recently our page interaction has dropped by atleast 80%, and I would like to see if any of our posts are showing in your newsfeed. Thanks. X :) ☆ Nova ★
Shout out - wednesday Sweetest Taste Of SinThis is a page to let your sexy side out. Confess your kinky sins and have fun. No bashing or reporting. If you do you will be banned. 18 +
As I've said before, I went through the hassle of making this so please, please comment c: -Creature
Air Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014Deborah Moffitt was part of a typical American family, until the caretaker of their ailing grandmother performed an ancient ritual intended for healing but instead unleashing a powerful and terrifying demon - one of the seven Princes of the Devil himself. Their lives would be torn apart as the malevolent entity haunted and tormented them for six years, even following the
UFO SIGHTING! I used to work for the US Navy,worked as a contractor for Raytheon.At a Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar System sight. On my way,for a 12 hour shift,0600 to 1800.Saw a shadow flying from SE going NW.Cloudless sky.It was black,I guess, no lights,no color that I tell. But it did have a delta, […]
UFO SIGHTING! I was in my 10th floor apartment building,there are lots of large windows and a sliding glass door,my apartment faces west and I can see as far out as toronto on a clear night,I was sitting texting on my phone and happened to look up and saw a green blob shooting up really […]
UFO SIGHTING! I went outside to smoke a cigarette on my front porch which faces north and immediately noticed a bright light relatively low-mid on the horizon, that was flickering dramatically many different colors, mainly seemed to be red, blue, white, yellow/orange. At first I thought it was the star Sirius, but was intrigued by […]
UFO SIGHTING! coming home from grocery shopping and turned south. saw the same type lights from a couple years ago. blue skies. didn’t take further because the guy who gave a follow up call was obviously hammered or mentally retarded. disappointed with the call (he left a message). no need to respond with this BS […]
UFO SIGHTING! i was in the sand an outa the corner of my eye i saw an object that was glowing bright orang red with a glowing tail behind the deriection it was moving it was makeing a noise that i have never heard moved at speeds that were not human when i saw it […]
UFO SIGHTING! I took out my dogs for their business in the back yard. I looked up as there was no clouds to see the stars when I see a bright light pulsating changing different colors. I took out my binoculars and saw the object changing colors from red to yellow to blue to white. […]
This is what I'd like to say to the people who hit my wife. Except for the daughter kidnapping and killing part. Everything else...on the nose Jack! Phone Speech [HD]The 'particular set of skills' phone speech from the movie Taken (2008). "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for rans
Check them out-Reaper ♥ Girl Paranormal SocietyColorado Springs All Girl Paranormal Society
The burning Wem Town Hall ghost – ghost of calm little girl appears amongst the flames: Wem Town Hall, a building in the market-town of Wem in Shropshire, England, was destroyed by fire on November 19, 1995. During the fire, Tony O’Rahilly, a amateur photographer, took pictures of the burning building from across the road (police had stopped him and would not allow him to get any closer). To hi
The Brown Lady Introduction Raynham Hall in England is a splendid home in Norfolk. Inhabited by Townshend family for over 300 years, the hall gives its name to the area, known as the Raynhams. It also gave us one of the most famous and well-regarded ghost photographs ever taken. Raynham Hall Raynham Hall was constructed in 1619 by Sir Roger Townshend. At his death in 1637, the home was still
Most Haunted Places The Tower of London London, England By Stephen Wagner The Tower of London, one of the most famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the world, may also be one of the most haunted. This is due, no doubt, to the scores of executions, murders and tortures that have taken place within its walls over the last 1,000 years. Dozens upon dozens of ghost sightings have been re
Eastern State Penitentiary Enter your Firstname & Birthdate Receive your own Psychic Reading.Eastern State Penitentiary has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters as well as the public at large since it has been opened to tours. Built in 1829, the imposing Gothic structure was originally designed to hold 250 inmates in solitary confinement. At the height of its use, however, as many
Raynham Hall Join us at UK's most haunted places High activity location, very spookyRaynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is most famous for the ghost of "the Brown Lady," which was captured on film in 1936 in what is considered one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken. The Unexplained Site describes one of the first encounters with the spirit: "The first known sightin
Who on here had a paranormal experience as a child/teenager? Amanda APS
<TraceR> Nessie? Is that... is that you?,-4.340859 - Google local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps
<TraceR> Read the article, then the comments, then comment here and tell me your thoughts :) photo of mysterious unidentified flying object taken in Kansassploid.gizmodo.comA clearer photo of the mysterious
B here Nebular
Check them out-Reaper ♥ Girl Paranormal SocietyColorado Springs All Girl Paranormal Society
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