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Bill Carman
Alien spacecraft could be seen over Snowdonia as spiritual group climbs peak to pray - Daily Post North WalesMUFON: Organizers 'overwhelmed' by attendance at first meeting - Brantford Expositor'Alien' Green Lights Mystery Solved: Bright LED To Attract Squid - International Business Times AUExtra-terrestrial life discovered in outer space - Yahoo!7 NewsScientists discover potential signs of life o
Haunted Hostel Living At The Drop Bear LIKE @SmallTownHaunts on Facebook: Hostel Living At The Drop Bear - Traveling With Cookieswww.travelingwithcookies.comMy experience spending the night in a haunted hostel, Drop Bear in Santa Marta, Colombia.
Good evening my lovelies!!! If you have had a paranormal experience please write Yes If not write No If you wish to share a personal paranormal story please do. Thanks everyone
Just gonna leave this right here
Sick sued for employing morgue worker that raped 100 female corpsesnypost.comMortified families are suing a county in Ohio where a morgue attendant admitted to having sex with up to 100 female corpses. Kenneth Douglas worked the night shift at the Hamilton County morgue fro...
Nabonidus was the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire who, a few years into his reign, disappeared into the Arabian oasis of Tayma, returning years later and just in time to lead his armies against the ascendant forces of Persia under Cyrus the Great. Why he abandoned the city he was ruling over, and what happened in the lost years of Nabonidus remain a mystery.The Lost Years of Nabonidus, Las
Niel Venter
Setting up a shot with Animal
Just want to say a big thank you to the Klinge Clan for showing me a brilliant time in Texas and for introducing me to Chicken Fried Steak. Bill APS
the 5th You are out for a nice midnight walk and you see this. exactly how fast do you get yourself home?
!IMPORTANT! I think you guys need to be reminded to read the page description, it's not fair on us admins to take time to find interesting things to post and then have some idiot start complaining saying it's nothing to do with anything paranormal. If any of you do it you either need to grow up or unlike the page, simple as that. Thanks
You be the human lie detector test on me and determine the truth from me.
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY – On 20th August, 1308, Pope Clement V pardoned Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, absolving him of charges of heresy. King Philip IV of France, deeply in debt to the Templars, had De Molay and many other French Templars arrested in 1307 and tortured into making false confessions. When De Molay later retracted his confession, Philip had him slow
Jerry LoFaro Raven Paranormal
Cyril Van Der Haegen in the Sand: The DeJarnette Sanitorium: Paranormal
Dennis Davies
Fear Just Happened! We would love to welcome Aso Keiji. We would love to include his work but, there are Japanese film COPYRIGHT laws. Trust me...He brings the FEAR!
David Hartman the Undead of Roswell | Mysterious Universemysteriousuniverse.orgJust a few days ago, I did a radio show that included a 30-minute Q&A, in which the listeners could phone in and ask questions. One of the questions was: "What is your favorite TV show you have appeared in?" Well, there have been quite a few ove
BatCrab. :P *Nova*
~Schizophrenic Bunny Last Views- You are in a place, where the darkness ensues and the temperature doesn't exist. There's nobody, or anything around you at all. There's just you, gasping for more oxygen into your lungs, acquiring it just enough to keep you moving forward in this large, cold and lightless place. You suddenly notice something very odd looking, but still rather int
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