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Reading Brent Swancer’s excellent new article – Speed Demons: Tales of Possessed Cars – made me think of a much under-appreciated aspect of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO affair of December 1980. There is a story concerning the incident that isn’t focused on a possessed car, but...
A few nights ago I was interviewed on Richard Hoagland’s radio show and we spent a lot of time discussing one of my recent articles here at Mysterious Universe. It was the one on UFO Disclosure, the complete and utter naivety of those who support it, and...
The Winchester Mystery House is an unusual 19th-century mansion in San Jose, California, which contains numerous oddities including doors leading nowhere, 2-inch-high steps, windows overlooking other rooms, and an obsession with the number 13. The peculiar residence was once home to Sarah Winchester, the widow and heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. Read moreSection: NewsUnexplained Pheno
The universe is going to keep going with or without us. All we can control is how much we learn and you want to ask Bill a question for a future "Tuesdays with Bill?" Click here to learn how to submit: ().Read more at : Big Think here:YouTube: : : - Meg Kelmendi: Hi. Im Megi and I wanted to know what the future of the universe is and what is our place in it according to physics and engineerin
Many people feel a natural aversion or revulsion to spiders. There is just something about them that seems to tickle at some primeval part of the deepest recesses of our brain and send some ancient, ingrained fear coursing through our veins. The mere sight of a spider...
Recent tests conducted on the oldest known pages of the Quran in existence have determined they were written nearly 1,400 years ago, between 568 and 645 AD. Reports raise the possibility that the fragments are not just contemporary to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, but that they may predate him.These religious texts, the oldest surviving Quranic manuscript pages ever found, have been in a collect
A stepped stone pyramid about 2 meters (6 feet) tall has been excavated in the City of David, and it has archaeologists speculating about its use. They say the structure, unlike any other in Jerusalem, was possibly a podium and cite other, public stones mentioned in the Talmud and used for auctioning slaves or collecting lost things.The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the find in a press
A tiny mysterious creature was found on the banks of the river Kovahsi in the town of Sosnovy Bor in western Russia. Local residents and experts alike have been unable to positively identify it. That leaves us wide open to ask, “What is this strange being?” A...
Open Minds UFO Radio: Gene Steinberg is currently the host of the Paracast paranormal podcast. The podcast has been running almost 10 years now, but Gene has been involved with UFOs much longer than that.
Among the various recollections of encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) that have been presented over the years, perhaps some of the most compelling, and interesting, are those told by members of active or former members of military and other official agencies. Though a general air of...
I have long held a fascination with the idea of synchronicity, which involves an individual’s perception that the simultaneous occurrence of otherwise unrelated events appears significantly related, despite having no actual, discernible connection. The concept was first proposed by Carl Jung, who authored a paper explaining the idea...
When medical experts tell you to have any unusual mole looked at by a professional, they should use this story as an example of what can happen if you don’t. An elderly woman in China ignored a black mole that appeared on her head eight years ago....
North Korea's state televison on Tuesday aired footage of Kim Jong Un, watching a missile launch and inspecting military drills. RT LIVE
Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens) - The Huffington Post Monument dedicated to Sheffield UFO sighting - MassLIVE Strange sightings expected in New Mexico sky - KRQE News 13 NASA’s photos of Mars: Signs of life or imagination running amok? - TechWorm 10 Craziest Theories From Ancient Aliens - What Culture
Lee Sarah Conway 3:44pm Sep 1 Episode #3- Russ McKameyOn this episode we invite Russ Mckamey owner of the infamous haunt, Mckamey Manor.We discuss his background in the haunt industry from his very early beginnings up to present day and touch
Jason Becker 12:13pm Sep 1 Road to October - Episode 7 Z O M B I E S ! ! !#HauntShirts
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The Cattewater Wreck lies in mud on the seabed at Cattewater Close near the entrance to Sutton Harbor in Plymouth Sound. The ship sank in the early 16th century and its remains became the first protected wreck following an underwater investigation in 1973. A number of artifacts, including cannons, have been recovered, although none of them have given scientists any clue as to the ships identity
Mass hysteria is a term used to describe the situation in which physical or psychological symptoms appear en masse, spreading rapidly throughout communities, and occasionally across whole cities and countries.  During an outbreak, afflicted individuals may experience uncontrollable laughter, fainting, fits, dizziness, muscle weakness ... Read moreSection: NewsUnexplained Phenomena
We sort of take cars for granted. They are the workhorses of the transportation world and pretty much everyone reading this has likely ridden in one at least once. They are ubiquitous, useful, and have changed the face of our world. However, have you even thought if...
We dig deeper into the history of ORMUS before being fantastically sidetracked by Mongolian snake cults, alien mummies, and secret societies. Our German sources then ultimately reveal disturbing brotherhoods from the early 1900s that make the Illuminati look like Oprah’s book club. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to...
Last week the British tabloid The Mirror –that bastion of professional journalism– managed to cause quite a stir on the Interwebz through an interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the Moon, in which he allegedly claimed ‘peace loving ETs’ had prevented us...
On September 27th, 2015 there will be a very rare event in the night sky a supermoon lunar eclipse. Watch this animated feature to learn more.
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Over the years, I have heard more than a few stories suggesting that agencies of various governments – including the UK and the US – have extensive background files on alien-abductees. Such a thing is not as far out as the skeptics might think. After all, back...
No really serious attention has been paid by scientists to resolve the mystery of nearly 7000 'pits' that snake their way for almost one mile across the rugged Cajamarquilla Plain bordering the Pisco Valley of Peru, South America.Just as with their near neighbour the famous Nasca Lines, this curiously patterned stream of cavities (pits) now attracts a plethora of theories concerning its original
The discovery of an ancient tomb belonging to a vizier (high official) in the Upper Valley outside Luxor, Egypt, points to a curious practice among ancient Egyptians: reuse of burial goods and coffins in subsequent burials and even recycling of tombs.Perhaps the most famous case that came to light recently was the tomb of Tutankhamun, who, researcher Nicholas Reeves believes, was entombed in part
There don’t appear to be any official records of a UFO ever shutting down a major airport in the U.S. In China on the other hand, it’s happened three times in five years. Are Chinese air traffic controllers more respectful of UFO airspace … or more fearful?...
Close encounter, nearly forgotten: Former deputy moved on with life after UFO report 36 years ago - Grand Forks Herald Massachusetts UFO abductee honored with monument - WNCN Butler organization seeks answers for unexplained phenomena - TribLIVE Aliens & UFO Sightings: Video Shows Possible UFO Speeding Over Plane During Takeoff from JFK [Watch] - Latin Post Kite with lights sparks conce US scientists have conducted potentially revolutionary research that could force a rewrite of the Standard Model, the theory for how particles interact, which has been accepted by physicists since the 1970s.A team at the University of Maryland studied the behavior of leptons, tiny subatomic particles that form the building blocks of our universe, during the initial
Richard Pork Sheridan 5:24pm Aug 31 come get some while the getting is good
Writing messages on bullets and missiles goes back at least to Biblical times and continues to modern times among Israelis, Jordanians, Americans and others. The practice became industrial to ancient Greeks and Romans, who manufactured lead sling bullets in molds with taunting messages in bas-relief, such as ‘Ouch!’, ‘Be lodged well’, and ‘Here’s a sugar plum for you!’.The Ancient Weapon of the
The Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs has announced that remnants of a massive Bronze Age city have been discovered submerged in the Aegean Sea. The settlement, which dates back approximately 4,500 years, covers an area of 12 acres and consists of stone defensive structures, paved surfaces, pathways, towers, pottery, tools, and other artifacts.The discovery was made by
Big Think and the Mental Health Channel are proud to launch Big Thinkers on Mental Health, a new series dedicated to open discussion of anxiety, depression, and the many other psychological disorders that affect millions week, psychiatrist Nicole Foubister delves into the world of bipolar disorder. Most people are casually familiar with bipolar disorder though few understand the colossal strain
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